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concours hermes 2011concours hermes 2011


Our first reflection was quickly focused on a concept who integrates a energy saving concept. These "small energy savings" can be carried out daily, and who requires almost no effort by the user.

We decided to work on the theme of cooking, an action that we realize every day. During cooking , we lose a part of the energy which gets free in the form of vapor and spreads in the air. Then during the meal, we try hard to keep the heat of the dish throughout the meal.

Our basic idea was to get back the wasted heat during  cooking and to reuse it during the meal.

We developed a range of pan with one "dish heater" trivet integrated into the lid. During cooking the clear vapor warms a slice of PPSU which is partially included in the silicone trivet. During the meal, we put a trivet under the pot who redistributes the stored heat during cooking.

The second way of saving energy is to minimize the amount of dishes used by the cooking and the service. We wanted a pan that can be also consider as a dish. Therefore we worked on an aesthetic that is closer to a dish but which fully meets his basic functions. 

All this allows us to save water, electricity and optimize the energy use (less waste) and also get some free time to enjoy living.

From kitchen to the table...